Marilyn Monroe Living Room Ideas

Marilyn Monroe Living Room Ideas

If you’re looking for a living place that reflects your Marilyn Monroe persona, then this white wall space is perfect. With its sleek lines and simple design, the room feels like it’s been created just for you. Add in some comfortable sofas and a large TV to complete the look, and you’re ready to enjoy your favorite attractive female movies all night long.

What Is Marilyn Monroe’s Living Room?

This living area was designed to be a memorable and iconic backdrop for any television or movie appearance. The large, formal area features a grandiose staircase, an elegant marble fireplace, and matching hardwood floors. While the place may not be the most complicated or expensive to maintain, it is sure to make an impression on visitors.

Why should you choose Marilyn Monroe’s Living Room?

If you are looking for a sitting area design that will capture the memories and love of an attractive girl, then look no further. This space is perfect for any couple who wants to keep their relationship private and wants to feel like they are the only ones in the space. It also features a classic look that will be sure to last.

How To Choose The Right Marilyn Monroe drawing room

If you are looking for a glamorous, romantic sitting place to feature in your home, then check out these ideas for the perfect Monroe space. From masculine pieces like a desk and leather chair to feminine pieces like a Sofa and Lantern, there is something to suit everyone’s taste. 

So whether you’re looking to add some glamour to your home or want a comfortable place to relax with family and friends, our gorgeous Marilyn Monroe drawing chamber ideas will definitely be right up your alley!

Marilyn Monroe’s living room with a mood board

Just like any other living area, her must-have pieces for her home included a mood board to help organize her thoughts and create a cohesive environment. Her iconic decor has been copied by many fans over the years, but this DIY project shows how easy it is to originality in your own drawing room. For starters, you will need some basic supplies such as white cardstock or plywood, a drill and screwdriver, and some wire cutters. You can also use a paintbrush to add natural dyes and hues to your Monroe room. If you want your mood board to look more professional, you can purchase a board that is designed specifically for this purpose. However, if you are just starting out, it is not too late to make your own!

Paint all surfaces a single color on your Marilyn Monroe

If you want to dress up your living place with a little Monroe gloss, you can do so by painting all surfaces in one color. This will create an overall look that is both timeless and stylish. By choosing a single color to represent your home, you can create a cohesive whole that will impress anyone who visits.

Create zones in the Marilyn Monroe drawing room with area rugs

When designing a room in your Monroe drawing space, you may consider creating zones in order to organize the space. Areas with rugs can help create a comfortable and relaxing environment for yourself and your guests. This is especially true if you have a small living area or bedroom. A large area rug can completely fill that void and make the room feel larger.

Match Marilyn Monroe’s living room walls with furniture

If you’re looking to spruce up your place with some new furniture, there are a few ideas to consider. You could go for some updated pieces of wood or metal furniture, or even get creative and mix together some old pieces with new pieces. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s in addition to the existing decor and compliments the actress’ classic flowing style.

Add two or more shades of the same color

When you want to add a touch of color to your living area this year, consider adding two or three shades of the same color. This will give a more vibrant and interesting look. In addition, it can be fun to have different parts of this with different colors. For example, the walls could be blue and white, or green and brown. Or maybe you choose to go for a more sleek look by using black and white elements throughout the room. Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s complementary to your wallpaper, decor, and furniture.

Add bold wallpaper for a dominant space

If you’re looking to spruce up your living area with a little Marilyn Monroe flavor, there are a few ideas to try. Start by adding some bold wallpaper in the background, and then use her iconic skirts and dress as inspiration for the centerpiece pieces. You could also get creative and add some text or graphics to help set the tone.

Add in some comfortable sofas and a large TV

One of the most famous actresses in Hollywood lived in a comfortable sitting room with a large television. Her drawing-room style was simple and modern, with white walls and natural light coming in through floor-to-ceiling windows. This place also had comfortable sofas which allowed her to relax and watch TV without feeling too uncomfortable.

Add Marilyn Monroe Poster To Your Wall

Her poster is a must-have in any living space. Not only is she one of the most famous and recognizable actors of all time, but her life and work have also been touched by many famous people. Her life story, movies, and art are all worth reading about. Plus, adding her poster to your living area wall will add some extra OTT glamour to your space.


In conclusion, these ideas may be something that you could add to your home with some minor alterations. She used simple and coordinated pieces to create a modern and sleek look, which can work well in almost any home. If you’re looking for an easy way to update your living space, then these ideas may be a good start.

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